Justin Hung-Shin Lin


Intelligent Automation Engineering @ National Taipei University of Technology, 2019 - 2024 (expected)


Work Experiences

Fullstack Developer @ LikeCoin

Global (Remote)

Mar. 2022 - Aug. 2022

  • LikeChain Indexer: indexes on-chain data into a database and provides a SQL-based API. Golang, Gin, PostgreSQL.
  • ISCN Browser: browses ISCN records on the LikeCoin chain. NuxtJS, Web3.
  • LikeCoin Discord Bot: donates LIKE to a message, publishes a message to depub.space in Discord. NodeJS, NuxtJS, Web3.
  • NFT Dashboard: a dashboard for NFT statistics on the LikeCoin chain. VueJS, Web3.

Backend Developer Intern @ IBM

Taipei, Taiwan

Nov. 2021 - Feb. 2022

  • A deep-learning-based, untranslated hard-coded string detection tool.
  • Set up a Jenkins CI/CD workflow for a NodeJS and AngularJS project.
  • Automatically published GitHub releases with compiled executable files by Git tag.


C. -T. Chuang and H. -S. Lin, "A Effective Algorithm for Skew Correction in Text Images," 2021 International Conference on Fuzzy Theory and Its Applications (iFUZZY), 2021, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/iFUZZY53132.2021.9605083.


Linux Odyssey

Team Leader / Fullstack Developer / DevOps Engineer

TypeScript / VueJS / Docker / MongoDB / WebSocket / TailwindCSS

Jul. 2023 - Present

  • An interactive terminal teaching website tailored for beginners in programming and Linux, introducing a gamified learning experience to turn Linux command learning into an engaging activity.
  • Provides a Docker-based development environment for users to practice Linux commands without installing Linux. Uses WebSocket to implement a real-time terminal on the website.
  • Managed DevOps workflows with GitHub Actions for continuous integration and deployment, maintaining high code quality and facilitating agile development practices.
  • Tested by 180 junior high students who had no experience in programming or Linux. 60% of them were able to use the terminal to complete the tasks without any help.
  • 2nd Place in the International ICT Innovative Services Awards 2024


Python / Django / ReactJS / Scikit-Learn

May. 2021 - Nov. 2021


Co-Founder / Backend Developer

Go / Vanilla JS / MySQL

Feb. 2020 - Apr. 2020

  • A body temperature registration system for COVID-19.
  • Developed a website with Golang for schools or organizations to register users' body temperatures.
  • Used by Taichung First Senior High School and Guoguang Laboratory School.
  • Served 1,800 registered students and saved 360,000 pieces of paper.

indieveloper (indie.tw)


Jan. 2023 - Present

  • A YouTube channel promoting free and open-source software and self-hosting.
  • Empowers everyone with the ability to set up their own server.
  • Achieved over 4,000 subscriptions within the first month.

Special Experiences

Liker.Social - Social Platform for the LikeCoin Community

Founder & Executive Director

Jan. 2020 - Apr. 2021

  • Raised $100K in LikeCoin to start up a Mastodon instance for the LikeCoin community.
  • 1.8K registered users.



TypeScript, JavaScript, Go, Python


Vue, React, Nuxt, Django, TensorFlow


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB


GitHub Actions, Linux, Docker, Jenkins, Proxmox